Les Rencontres de la Démo 2021 " Population et Covid : conséquences d’une crise sanitaire majeure "

Work and the health crisis: taking a step back
Emilie Counil intervenes in a Creapt video, as a guest in sequence 3/6 "Which populations are most exposed to the coronavirus?" [FR]

Forgotten Covid deaths?

In an info detox video on ARTE, Michel Guillot, director of Research at Ined, deconstructs the common belief that Covid-19 mortality isn’t well recorded in France. (August 2020)  (2’)



Arianna Caporali, research Ingeneer at INED and Gilles Pison, demographer and researcher, explain why reporting to Santé publique France is not always easy. (April 2020) (4’14)


Emmanuelle Cambois,INED senior researcher and director of the Institut " Longevity, Aging and Ageing ",speaks in an EN3S webinar (40’)