COVID-19 and education: Knowledge acquisition, aspirations, and dropping out

Various measures were taken in France to curb spread of the COVID-19 epidemic in schools and higher education institutions. There can be no doubt that these unprecedented measures, such as closing schools and officially limiting the number of students allowed to attend, will have considerable impacts on students at all levels. The aim of my research project is to assess those effects at three key moments in the educational trajectory:
1) knowledge acquisition at the primary level;
2) orientation choices at the end of high school; and
3) dropping out of higher education.

Understanding the effects and the mechanisms by means of which the COVID-19 pandemic and the measures taken to curb the epidemic may have impacted educational trajectories is crucial to providing guidance for public policies aimed at limiting the effects of this health crisis on young people.

This research project was awarded funding in the form of an SHS (social and human sciences) university chair by the Conseil Régional Île-de-France.

INED scientific project head: Léonard Moulin

Online :January 2022