Health and environmental crises: Humanities, social sciences, public health (HS3P-CriSE).

The COVID-19 crisis has shaken up societies and raised new research questions. To avoid research redundancies or overlap and ensure that the most important questions are handled, it is crucial to coordinate research activities. It is for this purpose that INED has joined forces with the CNRS and INSERM’s HS3P-CriSE working group, whose aim is to develop research structuring initiatives in the social and human sciences and public health in connection with COVID-19, infectious diseases generally, and today’s major health and environmental crises. The group is designed to play a complementary role for existing, currently hatching, or projected research actions and initiatives, particularly calls for projects, by proposing scientific research programming plans. The focus will be on the situation in France; also and more widely on other countries, with particular emphasis on global South countries.

This project is carried for Ined by Myriam Khlat,Senior Researcher an head of the Research Unit Mortality, Health and Epidemiology 

Online :June 2021